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RSI provides comprehensive care for acute injuries, chronic conditions, and developmental impairments for clients of all ages. With a large interdisciplinary team of physical and occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists, think of us as the complete solution for all of your rehabilitation needs.


Physical Therapy

For children and adults who need to develop or regain strength and functional abilities, or who need muscle re-education. For those with musculoskeletal or neurological problems. For pre- or post-surgical rehabilitation.  For control of pain. 

Occupational Therapy

For children and adults who need retraining in activities of daily living, or who need upper extremity muscle re-education. For children who need assistance in coordination, with fine motor skills, with social skills, or with perceptual skills.

SPeech Therapy

For children and adults who have difficulty with speech production, language comprehension, language expression, and/or pragmatic skills. For those with voice or fluency problems. For those with swallowing disorders.